A celebrated masterwork shimmering with vulnerability from one of alt-manga's most important female artists.

Talk to My Back

Yamada Murasaki
The musical adaptation of Seth’s George Sprott, captured on vinyl and packaged by the cartoonist himself!

Omnis Temporalis

A quintessentially millennial tale about friendship and the quest for self-actualization

The Con Artists

Luke Healy
A wormhole into a fleeting romance told in a mind-bending first-person chorus

Time Zone J

Julie Doucet
A queer coming-of-age story, complete with secret cigarettes, gross gym teachers, and a lot of church


Jessica Campbell
Are we not all criminals—eating our take-out, foraging for mushrooms, lapping at puddles?

Mr. Colostomy

Matthew Thurber
From schoolyard thug to Russian president: Putin’s rise to power comes under the microscope

Putin’s Russia

Darryl Cunningham
The influential cartoonist hits his stride as he celebrates the charms and oddities of rural postwar culture

Red Flowers

Yoshiharu Tsuge
A riveting West Bank satire lauded by The New York Times, Guardian, Forbes, and more!


Rutu Modan
The story begins with a mother's confession...sisters permanently separated by a border during the Korean War

The Waiting

Keum Suk Gendry-Kim
An uncanny and eye-opening journey into a mysterious building, adapted from a short story by Jeff VanderMeer

Secret Life

Theo Ellsworth and Jeff VanderMeer
Two of Canada’s most famous visual artists take on the book medium in their own hilarious way


Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber

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