Get Super Lit: Comics Come Alive

Pen America    |    October 26, 2012

With Kate Beaton, Nick Bertozzi, Kevin Colden, Mike Dawson, Ludovic Debeurme, Dean Haspiel, Michael Kupperman, Benjamin Marra, R. Sikoryak, Jeff Newelt, and Harvey Pekar (RIP). Critics like to point out “comic books are not just superheroes,” that they’re also heartrending memoirs, important nonfiction, and even avant-garde art. True. But you can’t throw this baby out with the bathwater because it’s got gills; and it’s invulnerable; and it can teleport safely back into its crib. The “superhero” concept has also inspired indie, arty literary gems. Some being modern myths, others sophisticated satires, and others rock n’ roll adventure time. PEN presents a live performance, by creators & actors, of comics projected on the big screen to a soundtrack fitted to each strip. You will see unorthodox approaches to superhero favorites, as well as original concoctions. Curated and produced by Jeff Newelt.

Kate Beaton begins at 7:25.
R. Sikoryak begins at 43:45.



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